Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I've been really bad at this blogging.

Sorry everyone, I've been super bad at blogging this past while. But I have a good reason! If I had come on here some time in the last month, I would have really really wanted to write some BIG news. But because I have no self-control I have opted to just stay free of the blog. But now I can tell the world!
Brad and I are expecting baby #2!!! Yay! After waiting for quite awhile for #2 to be concieved he/she will finally appear in the world around June 4th. I am almost 14 weeks and feeling a lot better than the first 3 months. I can now finally eat food again, not just purge on bread, bread, and anything bread-like. :)
I had an early ultrasound at 12 weeks, which was super super cute! Arms, legs...it was moving around sooo much, it was so weird that I couldn't feel it. The heart took up most of the body. It is amazing to see it this early, and to see that it looks like a baby already. (any earlier and it probably would have looked like a tadpole).
L is as excited as a 2 1/2 old can be. He doesn't quite grasp the concept yet, I believe he probably will once the bump comes.
Other news....L is kinda on the potty training bus. we'll see how this goes. He clings to his diapers, always wants them on....but we are going diaperless during the day. He's had a bunch of accidents, but has made it to the potty on a number of occasions.
Christmas shopping is half done. The easy part - the kids presents are all bought. Now to get the adults gifts.
Thats about all for now. I have no new pics of right now....they're on the other computer. but will post some soon.


  1. EEEK! Congratulations you 3! :D Uugh, I HATE that first 3 months... BLAH, glad your past that now, hope and pray everything continues to go well, and in due time you have another healthy little gift from God! :D

  2. So excited for that baby to arrive! Though beach time may be limited next summer ;)Ok, a newborn babe is well worth it.
    Looking forward to more blogposts.