Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Long Weekend

B was the first one sick. coughing, hacking, stuffy nose etc etc. That was on Tuesday ish. Wednessday L got it. But a totally different sick. coughing, runny nose, and lost his voice. Friday I got exactly what L had.
We still decided to go camping this weekend though. Friday early I drove up to Silver Lake just outside of hope. You can't reserve at this campground, and they only have 25 sites...so you had to hope you got one. I got up there, and there were two single sites left and a double. I quickly grabbed one and set up a tent and two chairs. (Do you know how hard it is to set up a tent by yourself!!!)
Then I drove back home. Well, actually stopped at home to pick up a fish fillet and kept right on driving to my mom's house. There I picked up a bunch of camping stuff that we had to borrow. By this time (12:00) L was not a happy camper anymore. Didn't want to get changed, didn't want lunch, didn't want to go see grandma's animals, didn't want to walk...I had to hold him and carry him. So carted him to the truck and booted out of there. Stopped at TD bank. Paid off our car loan (YAY!!!!) But had to bribe L to be good in the bank with lunch at...you guessed it...McDonalds. So took 1/2 hour ate lunch and played in the play place. I had to be back in Chilliwack by 2:15 for a doctors appt. So make sure we leave Aldergrove by 1:45 at the latest. I had a couple more stops to do.
After lunch go on over to Aldergrove Credit union, where the lineup was long...sigh. Finally deposited B's cheque (why can't everyone have direct deposit??). At least I was on time, it was 1:40. OOPS....gotta quickly go by a friends place to drop off the fish (I hope it was good C!!)...and of course we had to talk a bit. But I did end up leaving Aldergrove at 1:45, but what I didn't expect was the freeway to be going 80km/h the whole way back. aw man. 15 min late to my doctors appt.
Got home at 3:30, gotta start packing for camping. Done. 5pm. B came home. Pack up the boat ontop of the tent trailer and head back to the campsite. Whew, what a rushed day.
Why did we go camping again when we were all sick???
Friday night was gorgeous there. SOOO many stars in the sky. It was beautiful.
Saturday we spent a couple hours at the lake. It was a little chilly, but not too bad. After L (and B's) nap we decided to drive up to Ross Lake and check out the campsite there. I think we might have found where we want to go next year. The only downfall...its probably 45min farther than Silver lake.Kept driving past Ross Lake and drove right into the States. Hosemeen campsite is in Washington, though the only driving access is from BC. What a difference BC and WA campsites are. lol. I would never stay there. Got back to the campsite and sat around the fire (Yes we were allowed to have a fire!), had a really late dinner. Looked up at the sky and saw some dark dark clouds. Set up our tarp and picnic table cover, hoping for no rain. Decided to turn in early and save some firewood for the next night. Got into bed and the clouds opened up. Rain POURED down. Glad we decided to turn in early! :)
Sunday, drive back to chilliwack for church, spend a relaxing day at home, and back up to the campsite after second service. Have another fire, hoping for no more rain. Yay, rain stayed away until about 3am...and by then we were in bed.
Monday morning woke up to....nope not rain...a cloudy sky. but we didn't want to take chance of having to pack up in the raine. So breakfast .... then pack. No rain. we got lucky. Drove home, went out for dinner.
B went fishing, caught two more sockeye. yum.
What a weekend. Fun.

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